Our Work

Over the years, Media Port has been extensively involved in various productions of short films, feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and music videos. These are what we do:


Short and feature films produced by Media Port has been critically acclaimed and screened at Cinema halls across Nepal. The films have been screened and awarded at major film festivals like Venice film festival, Toronto film festival and Busan film festival to name a few. One of the short films received special jury award for cinematography at the prestigious Sundance film festival.

TV Commercials

We also deal with Production of Client Specific Advertisement in Video, Audio, and Online alongside Distribution of Advertorial Contents in various media. The talented group of professionals at Media Port has produced and broadcasted various Television commercials and corporate videos for national and multi-national companies across Nepal. We are here to provide the best of multi-media services essential for your business.

Music videos

We have produced all kinds of music videos for talented musicians from Nepal. Artistic and experimental approach has been put through on each music video to bring the best and unique output essential for different genres of music.


Media Port is a Kathmandu based film production company.

We produce, develop and support all kinds of audio and visual content. Short/feature length films, short/feature length documentaries and poetic/experimental Videos are our specializations.
We also deal with client specific productions of Television commercials, advertisements, Music Videos, Company Profiles and Program Documentations. Alongside the production, we also distribute these contents in various media and platform.
Media Port also has Post Production facilities.
Planning to film your project in Nepal, we are here to make it exciting and hassle-free. With wide range of services and contacts on different aspects of production, we ensure your filming process be worthwhile and on point.
Services we provide to realize your project in Nepal:
  • Sound research on the content of your project.
  • Project development, scripting and translations.
  • Location scouting and recce.
  • Permits and custom clearances.
  • Transportation services of all kinds.
  • Post production.
  • And managing every requirements of your project.

A team of enthusiastic and talented film professionals are ever ready to help you with your project. We provide professionals on any required department for your filming process.

Equipment mentioned below are available for renting at Media Port.

  • Arri Alexa XT
  • Red Helium
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Epic
  • Red Scarlet
  • Sony FS7
  • Sony a7I
  • Sony a7II
  • Sony a7III
  • Panasonic gh4
  • Panasonic gh5
  • Ultra primes
  • Zeiss compact primes-CP2
  • Sony cine ultra lenses
  • Rokinon cine lenses
  • Canon L-series: 6-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm
  • HMI 4k-1.8k
  • Kino 4 banks
  • Jokers
  • Soft box 4k-2k (tungsten balance)
  • 1k and 2k Fresnol (tungsten balance)
  • Tracks and dolly
  • Freefly movi pro
  • X-jib pro
  • Joni jib
  • Jib arm
  • C-stands
  • Baby and junior stands
  • Cambo stands
  • 6/6, 8/8, 12/12 butterfly frame and its cloth
  • Diffuser – silk, silver and black
  • 2/2, 4/4, 1/2 flags


Apart from a project’s pre, production and post, we also distribute and market the produced contents to Television Channels, Cinema Halls and Open Air/ Indoor screenings across Nepal and worldwide.


With partners ranging from national Televisions, online film screening platforms to international film festival circuit, we Media Port have been working as a sales agent for Nepali films in national and international platforms since 2019 AD. We buy and sell short films, feature films, documentaries and music videos of any genre and production value. One of our core partner for Nepali movies in online platform is FOPI app which has been successfully screening latest Nepali movies online.



Port Space Port space is a film shooting studio space by Media Port Pvt. Ltd. Situated at a peaceful location in Jayabageshwori 08, Kathmandu, Port space provides all modern and sophisticated facilities to cater all the needs of a production house in making movies, music videos, television programs, television commercials among others. Port space is also ideal for auditions, rehearsals, workshops and programs of all sorts.
The 20 feet high and 1000 square feet area of the shooting space is equipped with all required modern amenities like equipment rental, make-up and dressing rooms, common toilets for both gentlemen and ladies and huge parking space.

Port Space also provides all kinds of support like
script development and supervision,
project development,
casting and all other kinds of film technicians
that are required for a production.
This friendly space created by
a group of filmmakers aspires to provide
a hassle free environment for shooting and programs.


This section includes news coverage on the productions of Media Port by prestigious national media houses from Nepal. The section also includes reviews on our films by top movie critics from Nepal.

Jul 25/21

Gokul KS talks to director and writer Dhondup Tsering

Date: December 14, 2020 Ama Khando, a 2019 Tibetan language film from Nepal written and directed by Dhondup Tsering, was one among the memorable films streamed at the 9th edition of Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF). In his directorial debut, Dhondup narrates an intimate personal story of love, resilience and separation inspired from real-life experiences. “Ama Khando comes Read More

Jul 25/21

Naaka is a welcome change amidst the cornucopia of terrible mainstream Nepali films

*** Three stars Pragyan Thapa published on 2018-03-11 13:03:00 Naaka Crime, Drama CAST: Bipin Karki, Thinley Lhamo, Prakash Gandharva, Robin Tamang DIRECTION: Amit Shrestha  Among the new crop of Nepali actors, Bipin Karki is some­one who has made a giant leap in just few years. Starting with minor character roles, he has now established himself Read More

Jul 25/21

फिल्म समीक्षा: नाकामा हल्का रमाइलोबीच मानवीय संवेदना

शिव मुखिया २०७४ फागुन २० गते ११:३६ मा प्रकाशित फिल्म: नाका निर्देशक: अमित श्रेष्ठ कलाकार: बिपिन कार्की, थिन्ले ल्हामु, रोबिन तामाङ, शिव मुखिया, प्रकाश गन्धर्व, सजन थापामगर, रामभजन कमात आदि शुक्रवारबाट प्रदर्शनमा आएको फिल्म ‘नाका’मा के छैन ? कलाकारको भिडभाड छैन । बनिबनाउ संवाद छैन । धुरन्धर लभस्टोरी छैन । धमकेदार फाइट छैन । उल्कै Read More

Jul 25/21

Ama Khando: A Poignant Journey of Separation – Gokul K S

Date: November 15, 2020Author: Tibetscapes Ama Khando, a 2019 Tibetan language film from Nepal directed by Dhondup Tsering, was recently streamed at the 9th edition of Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF). In his feature directorial debut, Dhondup narrates an intimate personal story, based on his real-life experiences, set in the Upper Mustang region of the Nepali Himalayas. DIFF, one Read More

Jul 25/21

‘A producer should always think like a filmmaker’

A producer of award-winning movies, Prawin Takki Karki talks about his experience working as one in Nepal, his approach to films and how he builds creative bonds and partnerships. Published at : January 18, 2021 Updated at : January 18, 2021 06:02 Kathmandu Prawin Takki Karki’s decision to join filmmaking wasn’t unexpected. All his life, Read More

Jul 25/21

“We have many stories from Upper Mustang that need to be told”

Filmmaker Dhondup Tsering talks about his award-winning film Ama Khando and the hard work that went into making the movie and the need to give more platforms to Nepal’s indigenous filmmakers. Ankit Khadgi Published at : May 15, 2021 Kathmandu On paper, the story of Ama Khando is simple. It’s a film that depicts the Read More

About Us

With intentions to widen possibilities and create constructive collaborations, Mediaport is on its simple and self evaluating 9th year journey. It was established to implement and produce ideas on film and media, by a group of film and media enthusiasts. Mediaport, today, is a government recognized organization with an aptitude for production, line production, distribution, consultation, research and content development support.
We work in all stages of production and anyone seeking assistance can find their necessary support at Mediaport.
Being realistic, firm and sharp edged is an ideal way to lead life or lead art.
Our needs and the need of our times demand us to be clear and farsighted to save what is left and to sustain what is to be built.
Fascinated by the joy of creating a good film that is true to its roots and is as vibrant as it has to be, is the only prospect we see in doing this.